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When their youngest daughter becomes the tragic victim of a drunk-driving accident, a grief-stricken family struggles through their pain to find meaning, purpose, and renewed Faith.
Written by Rob Levine
Directed by Mark G. Mathis
The story of charismatic and controversial American feminist, environmentalist activist, and labor union organizer Judi Bari, who was blown up in a car bomb explosion in Oakland, California in 1990.  Falsely accused and imprisoned by the FBI for a crime she did not commit, this is the story of a mother's miraculous survival against all odds to hold her family together and clear her name.
Written by m.s. freeman
PATRICIUS tells the amazing true life story of Saint Patrick - the Apostle of Ireland who is credited with bringing Christianity to the Irish people. This epic tale of faith, courage, and redemption focuses on the early period of Patrick’s life in which he transitions from slave to warrior to Saint.

Written by Matthew Dean Russell and Rob Levine
Directed by Matthew Dean Russell

A car accident on a rainy night untangles a web of deceit and tests the boundaries of a marriage. This Hitchkockian thriller begs the question: "How far would you go to protect the one you love".  


Written by m.s. freeman


Directed by Mark G Mathis

Based upon one of history’s greatest art forgery schemes, I VERMEER tells the remarkable but tragic story of Dutch painter Han Van Meegeren -  an artist forced to confront and decide between his two most fundamental desires - fame and fortune.

Written by Eric Williams
How can someone who feels nothing... feel everything?
After the sudden death of their patriarch, Hannah and her two sons struggle to survive.  Her oldest son suffers from CIPA, a debilitating disorder that renders him painless to the world yet vulnerable to the haunting memories of his father. 
Written by Anthony Christopher Gaudioso
Directed by Matthew Dean Russell


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