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Grateful Films develops, writes, and produces high-quality Film, TV, Animation, and New Media projects in all genres and budget levels. We acquire and develop material that we feel is innovative, cost-effective and thought-provoking.  Because the art of filmmaking is a collaborative process, our belief is that a project is only as good as the collective strength of its participants. In this regard, we place strong emphasis on assembling a streamlined, cohesive team of knowledgeable, forward-thinking professionals whose synergistic skills coalesce to create the final product. By doing so, we are able to produce movies more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of other production companies.  Because we also firmly believe that a film is only as good as its script, we take great care in working with our writers to ensure that each screenplay conveys the strength of story and character that we feel is necessary for a well received final product.  Our purpose and mission is to leave a legacy of films that resonate with audiences. We want to produce stories that will stand the test of time and leave lasting impressions.  Stories with unique perspectives and original voices.  Stories that take chances.  In short, we want to produce the types of films that WE ourselves would like to see. It is this synthesis of quality product, cost control, marketability, and uniqueness of vision that is the guiding force for Grateful Films. 



Robert Duvall and Lucas Black discuss SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA


"Like the best noirs, Brick is a triumph of attitude, and there's no arguing that its brand of deadpan cool is precisely unique..."

"Precious is an emotional powerhouse, a triumph of bruising humor and bracing hope that deserves its place among the year's best films..."

"Waitress is a wee romantic charmer, a delectable Dixie screwball romp that never loses its spry sense of discovery..."

"Seven Days in Utopia stresses values that seem to have been lost in America. It is a refreshing change of pace to have a movie that doesn't need to resort to violence, sex, drugs or bad language to tell a story resonating emotionally and appealing to all..."

"Hunter Prey’s an impressive achievement. Visually beautiful and a stellar work of resourceful ingenuity on the cheap. It’s not just a sign that Collora’s deserving of bigger things, but proof of just how misguided Hollywood’s overuse of expensive and abysmal CG is when practical magic can be conjured up wonderfully and inexpensively by the right filmmakers..."

"Columbo shares what he’s thinking with the very people who hope to outwit him (“You know there’s something that’s been bugging me…I couldn’t get to sleep thinking about this”) and he always seeks their advice (“Well, there is something you could help me with”). He doesn’t carry a gun or use physical force; his only tools are modesty, logic and observation. He’s dealing with sophisticated people who believe they can get away with murder. At the denouement, the capitulations are always graceful; there are no fights, no car chases—it’s more like checkmate. No one argues with the conclusion..."


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